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Moon. Marketing. Money. Manifesting.

Here's the fastest path to breaking through your resistance and accessing new levels of creativity. It's all very WOO and starts with the journey of the Moon.

Hello, I'm Michele Grace Lessirard, as a shamanic astrologer I've taught thousands of Healers how to reconnect and play with these energies to manifest their BIG Dreams.

Use my signature New Moon, New Me! process to get unstuck, break through resistance, dream a new dream for your personal and professional life while increasing your intuitive abilities. Just grab your toolkit and you'll be added to my community.

Then come to the New Moon, New Me! teleclass for 90 days, and your life will shift. I guarantee it.

This toolkit is created for the intuitive woman with my proven step-by-step process for working with the lunar energies to grow your healing business.


  • You long to serve more clients and have a greater impact in the world (and be well paid for your good work as a healer).
  • Like a turtle you sometimes go into overwhelm by hiding your gifts from the world and find yourself playing small.
  • You need help and support finding clients to work with, clients that want what you offer.
  • You want to connect to your “right timing to take right action” through journaling and art.
  • You made the decision to "dim your light" and have trouble showing up online and in your community. This ‘afraid to be seen energy’ may show up in getting speaking gigs, getting your website complete, offerings, networking, email marketing or any other business communication.
  • You want to understand the business of healing from a seasoned entrepreneur who gets and appreciates the "woo of you!"

When YOUR Passion takes over (versus dwelling in the fear) there is no wearing thin. It's more like dancing with delight.